We connect internet & digital workplace to your business logic.

We believe in the power of digital. We help organizations to use internet and intranet services to improve business results. We think information centric. We strive to deliver the right information to the right person at the right time.

Our core service portfolio

  • Digital Business Consulting
  • Requirements Engineering & Stakeholder Facilitation
  • Concept Development
  • User Experience Design & Prototyping
  • Solution Evaluation & Benchmarking
  • Software Architecture & Development
  • Operations, Support & Maintenance



Strategy & Concept Design of Givaudan.com

As market leader in flavors and fragrances Givaudan also wants to lead the industry in providing an online experience to its clients that stands out from their competitor’s websites. Givaudan.com puts emotion and storytelling into the front row and let users "engage their senses" and experience Givaudan's information portfolio independently from their device.
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Profile Targeted Intranet for all Syngenta Employees

Strategic and conceptual design of a new corporate intranet that supports the integrated business strategy and takes a significant step towards an effective digital workplace. Delivery of relevant information and services to more than 20,000 users depending on their role and function in up to 19 languages.

«We were looking for a partner who could combine strategic thinking, conceptual and detailed design and a pragmatic focus on delivery. Infocentric promised that, and they delivered on that promise.»
David Orchard, Head of Online Operations and Strategy

Services provided to Syngenta: Strategy Development, Requirements Engineering, Concept Design, User Experience Design, Solution Architecture and Professional Testing Services
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As a leader in specialty chemicals and offering a very broad range of products and solutions, Clariant wanted to leverage the whole potential of the online channel.
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SBB Intranet

According to a study by the SBB communications team, more than 70 percent of surveyed employees use the intranet daily, and 50% considered the intranet as highly relevant to their daily work. Within the SBB media mix the intranet has now overtaken the employee newspaper in importance. SBB communications are now planning to use the intranet as the main channel for communication.
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News & Thoughts


Congratulations Swisscom Enterprise Customers for Silver at #bosw

Information and Communication, CQ5, Internet & Digital Footprint
Swisscom Enterprise Customers were successful in achieving a silver award in the best of Swiss web competition with a super creative story about a Stromer e-bike.
The e-bike travelogue follows a story of new market trends related to Swisscom’s business clients. Infocentric congratulates Swisscom and the creative agency (Notch Interactive) responsible for the creative work and the visual design of the story and their achievement of this award.
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Digital Workplace Strategy Exchange with CHUV, Sanitas, SBB & Sulzer.

Intranet & Digital Workplace
On February 16th representatives of CHUV, Sanitas, SBB, and Sulzer met at Infocentric in Baden to share their experiences and lessons learned with Advanced Intranets and Digital Workplace projects across industries. Each company shared an insight into their current or planned initiatives, their approach and the results they have achieved so far. Infocentric’s team also provided information on the common themes and challenges they have encountered in the past years. This article summarizes the challenges identified by the participants.
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Social Business Collaboration 2014

My digest of the Intl. Social Business Collaboration 2014 conference.

Intranet & Digital Workplace, Digital Business Consulting
On September 29/30 it was once more time to gather the European Social Business community in Berlin’s old KOSMOS Cinema. Over 150 practitioners and only a hand full of vendors and consultants spent 2 days exchanging insight and incredibly honest learning from the past years in driving the future of the Digital Workplace. Similar to my impressions from the 2014 IntraNET.Reloaded the time of experiments and fluffy visions comes to an end. Now it’s time to please stakeholders, in particular the users of the services that are put in place. User acceptance as the ultimate success factor is now present in almost all organizations.
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